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Today is a special day here at Defective Compositions, because this is my first interview. Not only that, but I had the pleasure to interview two of the nicest girls of my "acquaintance", Miss Breezy Tulip, and Miss Emily Rose.

These lovely ladies have recently started Noble Rose Press, and are currently selling some of the neatest and most beautiful paper dolls you will ever find.


What inspired you to begin making paper dolls in the first place?

We were working on paper dolls for the Girlhood Home Companion Magazine, when Mom came up with the idea that we could sell our own historical paper dolls of Christian women from history. We planned to sell them in an Etsy shop, but as things progressed plans changed. A friend suggested that we try to see if Vision Forum might be interested in them and then began the process of having to answer many questions, such as how the dolls would be packaged, printed and priced to name just a few. Through that process we were able to develop a larger entrepreneurial mindset for the project (and future projects).

Will you please share about the actual process of designing and creating the dolls?

Breezy started by looking up the lady's dates and researching the clothing the lady would have worn, and then decided what dresses would be in the collection. Using watercolor, Breezy painted each lady first, and then her wardrobe.

As soon as Breezy would finish a doll or dress, Emily Rose would get to work on cleaning up the artwork, which included adjusting the coloring, removing blemishes, and smoothing rough textures and edges. After the dolls and their dresses had been enhanced, Emily Rose laid them out in a program and then we both collaborated on the design of the book layout. From there they went to the printers.

Did any problems arise? If so, how were you able to work through them?

We had a few extra long days, which at times would make us weary, but those were the days that God was especially using to teach us that He is our strength and we need to lean on Him. There were a few complications with the printing, which was a little discouraging at times. Through those complications we learned more
about how the process of printing works, which we would not of learned if everything had gone smoothly the first time.

Why did you decide to do the dolls that you did? (Katherine von Bora and Idelette Calvin, Abigail Adams and Sarah Edwards, Pocahontas, and Priscilla Mullins.)

We wrote out a list of women we had read about in history, women we admired and that had particularly left an impression on us. The list grew as we looked through books, talked with friends and were reminded of more and discovered others. We started with Katharina von Bora and Idelette Calvin because they were the wives of two Reformers in the 1500's, their hospitality and strength encouraged and blessed their husbands. Abigail Adams and Sarah Edwards are two of our heroines from the 1700's, both of whom showed fortitude while their husbands were under a great deal of stress. In collection three is Pocahontas and Priscilla Mullins, hailing from Jamestown and Plymouth, respectively, who were just two of the women who God raised up in the very earliest day's of our country's beginning to bless their communities.

Are there plans for more collections in the future?

You'll just have to wait and find out! :)

I'm sure that I would have become tired of the project at times. Did you have any struggles, and if you did, what helped you through them?

It was truly by the grace of God that we were able to complete the paper dolls. Our days were long and sometimes wearisome, but we knew that our work would not be in vain. It was (and still is) our prayer that the Lord would use our paper dolls and the stories of these ladies to inspire young ladies. The thought of what the Lord might accomplish with them and the strength He granted us made us persevere.

Finally, do you have any encouraging thoughts for the readers, or helpful tips for aspiring artists or entrepreneurs?

Seek God. Follow God. Obey God. Developing the talent(s) that the Lord has given you is very important so that that gift does not fall to the wayside, but is instead nurtured. You never know to what extent the Lord may use your gift for the furtherance of His kingdom.

Our mother was a great help to us as she did most of the business-side of the research as we worked on the paper dolls. Two of the most helpful tools that we were blessed by as we began our new business was The Best of the 2006 Entrepreneurial Bootcamp produced by Vision Forum and the information and articles on the New Venture Lab website.

We also encourage you to seek out wise counsel from your parents. The wisdom of Proverbs 11:14 proved to be invaluable as we were so blessed to have


I know that Breezy and Emily have inspired me numerous times, and have inspired me yet again with their dedication to their work, not to mention their talent and good taste!

You can find these girls blogging on their personal blogs, A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles, and Simply Vintagegirl. You can also go check out and buy their paper dolls at Noble Rose Press, and I highly recommend doing so!

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